What is a work stream?

A work stream is a trail of your programming activities and the artifacts you engage in. You can view your own work stream to remind yourself, or let others know about what your working on.

How does it work?
Activity information is collected from your IDE. This allows you to remember the code you visit as well as the code you changed. Occasionally, build snapsnots of your project are stored in order to see how you progressed in your tasks.
What can it do?
Lots. Resume coding after an unexpected meeting, track coding progress over several coding sessions, produce work summaries for reports, search for sessions where refactoring was performed, setup notifications and reminders, and display useful meta-information related to the code you are working with.
Personal development dashboard.
Working Context
Reminders and Notifications
Knowledge Contexts

General system for building contexts. This allows you to create your custom contexts and process information in the way you see fit.